New CU President Mark Kennedy will make $850K by his second year — after getting $80K for moving help

New CU President Mark Kennedy will make $850K by his second year — after getting $80K for moving help

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– $850k/yr second and third year – $80k moving budget to come from North Dakota – $50k for visiting four communities in Colorado outside of Denver/Boulder/Co Springs.

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CAHB Capitol Close Up 03.26.19 – HBA of Metro Denver NOCO HBA Builder or Associate Application ;. Capitol Close Up-CAHB 2/1/18 Details. The Denver Post – As condo construction picks up from a drip to a trickle in metro Denver, demand still far outstrips supply – https:.

Kennedy cited in his response a recent million anonymous gift for a new business school, which will bring this year’s total fundraising efforts at the University of North Dakota to a record high. He also cited his response in his original application that addressed a "challenging relationship" with a major donor.

CU president Mark Kennedy to make $850,000 in first year plus perks like country club fees, suite tickets, and $80k in moving expenses. Previous President Bruce Benson made $358,000 a year. by Crinnle in cuboulder

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